When you say peace, you will see peace, when you say harmony, you will see a united world, when you say happiness, and you will see smiles.

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What are you contributing to?

There was a carpenter who were looking for a job at JUNGLE furniture factory. After a trial period at work, he officially became a worker there.

His daily work was sculpturing. He created various small sculptures such as flowers, birds, dragons, phoenixes, etc. for decorations on furniture. Thanks to his long-term experience, good skillfulness and knack, his sculptures had been more and more delicate and beautiful. He, so far, was not considered as a normal carpenter, but a sculptor. Tables, chairs, beds, or any other furniture which were made by him were wonderful, and lively.

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A golden fish and the vast ocean

Imagine a Golden Fish who could live in an ocean. It does not make sense, but just imagine…Here is the story:

There was a small Golden Fish who was sick of staying in an aquarium. In spite of being very well taken care with aqua-feed, fresh water, oxygen and a beautiful fake sea landscape, he felt so isolated and bored. Other fish seem satisfied with that life.

One day, he wanted to go on an adventure to reach the sea.

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