U Bein Bridge – Mandalay, Burma

The longest and oldest teakwood bridge is located in Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar. The 1.2 km bridge was built in 1857 by the local Mayor – U Bein (then, the bridge was named after the Mayor) when the capital of Ava Kingdom moved from nearby Amarapura to Mandalay.

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Burma August 2017

30 July, 2017

10:30 am (local time – Myanmar is later than Vietnam 30 minutes) – We arrived Yangon where used to be the capital of Burma until 2008. It was raining outside. My friend said this time is rainy season here.

Although hotel booking was done and we also received response from the hotel, we could not check in because we did not get a confirmation from them. Hence, we went around and got in Ocean Pearl Inn on Botatuang Pagoda Road. It is a small hotel but OK for backpackers like us. The price was lower than travel season ($23/duel room) with breakfast (toasts and eggs always). The room is equipped two beds, one TV (only 1 Myanmar channel), bathroom with hot water, a fridge, and an air conditioner.

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What are you contributing to?

There was a carpenter who were looking for a job at JUNGLE furniture factory. After a trial period at work, he officially became a worker there.

His daily work was sculpturing. He created various small sculptures such as flowers, birds, dragons, phoenixes, etc. for decorations on furniture. Thanks to his long-term experience, good skillfulness and knack, his sculptures had been more and more delicate and beautiful. He, so far, was not considered as a normal carpenter, but a sculptor. Tables, chairs, beds, or any other furniture which were made by him were wonderful, and lively.

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