DOG-END (very short story) She sat in a half-dark room with elegant decoration around. Twilight was going away to welcome darkness. A golden light spectrum from sunset was on her beautiful face. A cigarette was held by long and thin fore finger and middle one. The two fingers softly lifted the cigarette up to red... Continue Reading →


Laos & Thai 2017

We would love to spend our New Year eve in Laos, so on 31 December 2016 we arrived Vientiane. I departed from Tra Vinh to Ho Chi Minh City, then from HCMC to Pakse International airport, after transiting, we moved to Vientiane. I woke up too early, hence I got headache all the way. Paske... Continue Reading →

Everything has a connection. I just haven't found the junction yet. Mọi thứ đều liên kết với nhau cả. Chỉ là tôi chưa tìm ra được mối nối của mọi vấn đề.

Thailand _ August 20-27.2016 (P.1)

Thailand Trip – August 20-27, 2016 - Photos 20 August We departed from Tan Son Nhat airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok (08:25 – 10:00am). We took taxi from the airport to Holiday Inn hotel. It took about 30 minutes. Always, airport located very far from the citizen zone. 11:00am: arrived Holiday Inn. We met a nice... Continue Reading →

Hey girl! What are you dreaming about? Portraits This photo was taken in a very poor condition. Low key technique is not strange to people who love photographing. However, in order to take a good photo is not easy unless you are enough equipped and in a studio. The cameraman had just a small room,... Continue Reading →

TRƯỜNG XANH – Thakur S Powdyel

Xây lại Trường Xanh để giáo dục là Địa bàn Tôn quý Hiến pháp Bhutan quy định sáu mươi phần trăm diện tích quốc gia phải được phủ kín bằng rừng xanh, mãi mãi. Bhutan cũng là quốc gia đầu tiên không đo lường sức khỏe của đất nước bằng Tổng Sản phẩm Nội địa... Continue Reading →

Cannot judge a book by its cover

People who like showing their happiness are not really happy. People who usually show their richness are so poor. People who tell "you should....." to the others usually act badly. People who cry a lot easily forget and quickly get new things for fun. Then they justify by saying "I'm getting so much hurt. This is... Continue Reading →

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