I’m living with angles

It is the fifth week since I’ve worked at iSchool Tra Vinh and I loveeeeee itt !!!!!

Everyday, I meet at least 30 angles who are wandering on earth and having some fun here. The kids are so lovely and innocent. I cannot tell how much I love them, but for me these days are amazing time in my life.

I consider being a teacher at kindergarten is a super demanding job ever. I believe that what I am teaching today would be sustainable knowledge in their lives if they are intelligent enough. Hence, I have to teach in a right way which correctly conveys the information to them.

Although I am teaching English, I have to be so much patient because many of them do not pay any attention, or they do not remember what they were taught the days before. Yesterday, for instance, I picked up a flashcard of a square, a very little and cute girl said;

– Triangle

– No, square. – I corrected her.

Then I picked the flashcard of triangle. The little girl kept going

– Triangle.

-Yes! – I was so happy.

The next was circle. And the little, again said


– Oh no. You can only say “triangle” 😦

But it’s alright. The kids just need to have fun, eat and sleep.

Solar system teaching 2
A class takes 30 minutes.

I also teach Nursery 2 which means the kids are from 12 months old to 2 years old. There are 12 kids in the class and 5 of them cannot talk. Hahaha, I know, that’s so funny. When I say “repeat after me”, what I receive is “head nodding”, means “I understand what are you saying, but I cannot talk”, or “silence”, means “well, alright girl, I got it.”


I, additionally, have to think of different activities. If I don’t, my angles would be so bored and yawn. So running, jumping, walking, singing, etc. are good ways to encourage them to learn. Also, remembering many children songs is a must. They do not study complicated things like writing an essay, expressing a presentation or arguing an issue. But how to make them know normal things in English is not easy, meanwhile they are learning mother tongue at the same time.

A friend of mine, she has done a very good job. She taught me how to convey information to the kids, and integrate, and play with them. And sometimes, I have to create some materials. I enjoy it.

The kids love touching the materials

With a very good and high education so far, I strongly believe that these kids would be better than others base on their knowledge they receive everyday. I am teaching with all my heart because I would like them to grow up as clever students and further good citizens.

These angles really make my days. They are soooo wonderful.

P/s: I actually have to self-teach many things before teaching, such as the solar system (I have to read again). Hushhhhhh !!!! >_<


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