A golden fish and the vast ocean

Imagine a Golden Fish who could live in an ocean. It does not make sense, but just imagine…Here is the story:

There was a small Golden Fish who was sick of staying in an aquarium. In spite of being very well taken care with aqua-feed, fresh water, oxygen and a beautiful fake sea landscape, he felt so isolated and bored. Other fish seem satisfied with that life.

One day, he wanted to go on an adventure to reach the sea.

Well, actually it was not so hard to do. If he pretend to be dead, then his owner would throw him into toilet. From there, he could easily follow a pipe system to the sea. His plan was successfully implemented thanks to his friends’ help (it sounded like “Finding Nemo”).

But the story had just begun.

Finally, he was in the ocean. The Golden Fish absolutely enjoyed his new life in the new environment. “This is where I belong” – he said. The water was so blue and transparent. He could touch real seaweed and coral, breathe real oxygen, and freely swim without glass walls. He swam to the left, swam to the right, swam backward and then forward. He swam fast, and then suddenly, he slowed down. He felt every piece of the real nature. It was so amazing.

But, the Golden Fish was hungry now. He looked around. There was no aqua-feed with his favorite flavor. “What do I have do now? Hunting? How?” – He thought. He swam and swam and swam. “I can eat seaweed and other smaller creatures. Yes!”

He swam lower and started having fresh green seaweed. “It tastes so yum.” Suddenly, a very big octopus attacked him from the back. The Golden Fish was hardly hit and flew far away. “This is my place, get out!” The octopus yelled. The Golden fish was hurt and upset. He swam away sadly. But, he felt something was not fine around. A strange creature reached for him from the right. It was a stingray. He was panic-stricken, but awake enough to swim as fast as he could. That thing tried to eat him. The Golden Fish escaped, luckily, but he missed the aquarium. “At least I could fulfill my stomach there.”

He missed his friends (a claw fish, a crab, a little turtle and three starfishes), his toys and his “house”. The night was coming and he was alone in the dark. He remembered that he was the most handsome and intelligent fish in the tank even though the human being said that the golden fish had the smallest brain. He was also the strongest man. He could lift up the heaviest rock in the tank. Others could not jump up out of the water, but he could. He was the hero of the aquarium because he saved the claw fish who was almost stuck in the oxygen machine.

However, in this vast ocean, he was nothing and nobody. He was lonely and could be the prey of any of the larger creatures. He cried and slept on a coral.

The next day, the Golden Fish woke up, his body still hurt. He identified his tail was teased a little bit and his stomach was still empty. He looked up towards the surface of this ocean and said “I wanna get out of this place.” Then he lay on the coral. Suddenly he heard a sweet voice from a ….. baby seahorse. The baby was so happy and optimistic. Golden Fish came and talked to her.

– La la la la. Oh la la la la. The baby seahorse was singing.

– Hey baby, where are your parents?

– I lost them.

– Oh, I’m sorry. Aren’t you scared?

– No.

– How come?

– Well, they’ll find me and we be together again.

– How could you be so brave? You’re alone and in a large sea. It’s so dangerous. Come on, come here with me.

– Can’t you see this place is so beautiful? I just swim around and wait for my family to pick me up. If I am scared and worried, how can I enjoy this wonder? Besides, I can feel the freedom when I’m alone.

– But you can be attacked by bigger fish like a shark, or … a stingray – He remembered yesterday. – It’s absolutely dangerous.

– My father said “Every creature was equally born with a talent. You have to know what you’ve got and use it to confront your enemy. Stay strong and believe that you can win wherever you’re.” I clearly know that I am small and fast. So I can swim quickly and hide, maybe behind the coral.

– Wow !!! You’re so marvelous. Thank you !!

The Golden Fish found out that when you stay in the small aquarium, you think the world is also small and you’ve already conquered it. But when you were in an ocean, it is completely different. You must struggle, fight, be brave and stay strong as much as you can if you want to survive, because right now, you are in a real, new and huge world.


**For more articles on voicesofyouth.org, please visit Kelly Nguyen – Voices of Youth


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