DOG-END (very short story)

She sat in a half-dark room with elegant decoration around. Twilight was going away to welcome darkness. A golden light spectrum from sunset was on her beautiful face. A cigarette was held by long and thin fore finger and middle one. The two fingers softly lifted the cigarette up to red lips. When the amber holder touched the lips, a spot light from the other side became brighter. She was inhaling and enjoying tobacco. She could feel the smoke absorbing into every single cell of her gorgeous body.

 Alisha was not a chain-smoker, but she usually took one after a sex. This time, two cigarettes turned into ash within thirty five minutes. She, actually, did not inhale much. She loved looking at the ash – a powdery residue left after the burning. Alisha saw herself through the soft and greyish ash – dirty and vulnerable. There was no ash tray because she would like the wind to flow that powder.

With a nude body, Alisha stood up and leaned against a window. The sky recently was completely dark. She considered the darkness, which as a perfect shelter, as her mate. No one was able to find her, see her, talk to her and desire her. She wished she could deeply hide in the dark forever, and stayed away from this brutal world. She lifted the cigarette up, breathed in and breathed out. One, two, three, four times.

“Oh! It is almost finished.”

Alisha lifted the butt higher than her eyes and thoroughly stared at it.

“How beautiful you are, but your do not longer last.”

Two long and curly eyelashes went up and down whenever she blinked. Eyebrows knitted as she was serious researching a chemical liquid.

Her cell phone loudly rang. Alisha hung up

– Hello!

– Can I come?

– Sure

“The third customers today” – she thought.

 She put the phone on a table and turned to the dog-end. It burned away.

“Everything comes to an end. Dog-end. Alisha-end.”  She mumbled, then went for a bath.


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