Cannot judge a book by its cover


  1. People who like showing their happiness are not really happy.
  2. People who usually show their richness are so poor.
  3. People who tell “you should…..” to the others usually act badly.

  1. People who cry a lot easily forget and quickly get new things for fun. Then they justify by saying “I’m getting so much hurt. This is the way I overcome the upset.”
  2. People who thought they know a lot know nothing.
  3. People who say “I cannot live without you” could live well, happily and healthily then. (Oh shit!!!)
  4. People who keep dreaming would be dreamers (because they just spent their time for dreaming without doing).
  5. People who usually update status on facebook have an empty soul.
  6. People who look so kind and honest are not guessable. (cannot judge from the cover of the book).
  7. People who post many books on facebook don’t read all of them.

Oh well! unfortunately, most of those things are true. Nowadays, people are having a virtual life. They love expressing their egos. They would like others to admire them, respect them, and be jealous. However, the truth is always painful . Just image if one day there will be no more social network (of course including facebook, tweeter, wattpad,….) who they will be? I got no idea >”<




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