Life – is complecated

ImageIt is very complecated. It is funny. It is sometime as hard as a rock, sometime as soft as silk, as wet as water, and as hot as the sun. From a small corner, I observer this life so much fun.

I’m not interested in it, actually. Change is good, but too many changes, in my opinion, it’s not good at all. Changes can make you not really you. I mean you’ll become another people. You do as the way other people do. You live as the life of others not yours.

Life is a movement. Everything keeps moving. I found that when people grew up, they’ve changed themselves. As my ex-classmate, she is not as her before. When she was a student, I could see her natural beauty, her honestess. After graduated, she stared her work in HCMC, she started to change. Her face is full of make up. Her body is so white and in shape. Her job…?? a model?? I’m not sure, But I cannot realize her. She is a new person. I don’t have any right to judge whether it’s good or not, but in my mind, she is on a wrong way. However, I hope my sense will not be right.

People who change themselves to adapt to new environment are great, but they should be in the way they are, not become a new person.

I also think about trends. Trend is good, but not really good. People crazily follow some popular trends such as being K-pop fans, photography, sharing emotion, information on facebook, etc. I feel that, people would like to live as others’ life, not theirs. And, that’s so funny.


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