U Bein Bridge – Mandalay, Burma

The longest and oldest teakwood bridge is located in Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar. The 1.2 km bridge was built in 1857 by the local Mayor – U Bein (then, the bridge was named after the Mayor) when the capital of Ava Kingdom moved from nearby Amarapura to Mandalay.

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Burma August 2017

30 July, 2017

10:30 am (local time – Myanmar is later than Vietnam 30 minutes) – We arrived Yangon where used to be the capital of Burma until 2008. It was raining outside. My friend said this time is rainy season here.

Although hotel booking was done and we also received response from the hotel, we could not check in because we did not get a confirmation from them. Hence, we went around and got in Ocean Pearl Inn on Botatuang Pagoda Road. It is a small hotel but OK for backpackers like us. The price was lower than travel season ($23/duel room) with breakfast (toasts and eggs always). The room is equipped two beds, one TV (only 1 Myanmar channel), bathroom with hot water, a fridge, and an air conditioner.

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I’m living with angles

It is the fifth week since I’ve worked at iSchool Tra Vinh and I loveeeeee itt !!!!!

Everyday, I meet at least 30 angles who are wandering on earth and having some fun here. The kids are so lovely and innocent. I cannot tell how much I love them, but for me these days are amazing time in my life.

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What are you contributing to?

There was a carpenter who were looking for a job at JUNGLE furniture factory. After a trial period at work, he officially became a worker there.

His daily work was sculpturing. He created various small sculptures such as flowers, birds, dragons, phoenixes, etc. for decorations on furniture. Thanks to his long-term experience, good skillfulness and knack, his sculptures had been more and more delicate and beautiful. He, so far, was not considered as a normal carpenter, but a sculptor. Tables, chairs, beds, or any other furniture which were made by him were wonderful, and lively.

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Whoever you are, your heart is always warm

Tet Holiday (lunar New Year) is one of Vietnamese traditions and customs. Unlike Western people celebrating New Year with champagne, we stay at home to do a worship or visit a pagoda to pray for a new, peaceful and happy new year coming.

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Good Motivation

After watching the live stream of  meeting between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and students from Emory University, India, I extremely appreciated and strongly agreed with one of many points he showed the students. That is Good Motivation.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama met students from Emory University, India on 29 May, 2017

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A golden fish and the vast ocean

Imagine a Golden Fish who could live in an ocean. It does not make sense, but just imagine…Here is the story:

There was a small Golden Fish who was sick of staying in an aquarium. In spite of being very well taken care with aqua-feed, fresh water, oxygen and a beautiful fake sea landscape, he felt so isolated and bored. Other fish seem satisfied with that life.

One day, he wanted to go on an adventure to reach the sea.

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Giờ, muốn có được một khối óc sáng suốt, ta phải làm thế nào? Có thể trông cậy nơi giáo dục ở nhà trường được không? Chắc chắn là không thể hoàn toàn trông cậy nơi đó được. Có nhiều duyên cớ mà có lẽ duyên cớ này là quan trọng nhất: Chương trình ở trường quá nặng nề mà thời gian để tiêu hóa những kiến thức đó quá ngắn ngủi. Trong vài năm mà bắt đầu óc phải chứa đựng không biết bao nhiêu điều mà có lẽ suốt đời ta, nếu thật thông minh, cũng không đủ để tiêu hóa. Continue reading


Chuỗi ngày thư thái

Hôm nay đã được hai tuần chính thức nghỉ việc tại TVU. Hai tuần qua là có lẽ là những ngày vô ưu vô lo nhất trong hai mươi bảy năm. Hai tuần qua có lẽ là những ngày nhẹ nhàng, thanh thản nhất trong hai mươi bảy năm. Không bận tâm về cuộc sống, không hoang mang về tương lai, không bồn chồn về những công việc còn dang dở, không căng thẳng về những đoàn khách sắp đến làm việc. Hai tuần chỉ tập trung vào những việc mình thích và những việc cần làm.

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Gorgeous TET 2017


DOG-END (very short story)

She sat in a half-dark room with elegant decoration around. Twilight was going away to welcome darkness. A golden light spectrum from sunset was on her beautiful face. A cigarette was held by long and thin fore finger and middle one. The two fingers softly lifted the cigarette up to red lips. When the amber holder touched the lips, a spot light from the other side became brighter. She was inhaling and enjoying tobacco. She could feel the smoke absorbing into every single cell of her gorgeous body.

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Laos – Thailand 2017

Laos & Thai 2017

We would love to spend our New Year eve in Laos, so on 31 December 2016 we arrived Vientiane. I departed from Tra Vinh to Ho Chi Minh City, then from HCMC to Pakse International airport, after transiting, we moved to Vientiane. I woke up too early, hence I got headache all the way.

Paske International airport is very small compared to other international airports where I was visited. The immigration is not also modern. I could see that the security system is old and not really good. Maybe that is the reason why trafficking happens with high rate in Laos. There were a few passengers. We waited for around 30 minutes and back to the plane. The plane is AR airplane, so it is very small. I usually travel by air bus, so that was my first time I have been in an AR airplane. The plane has two fans and around 100 seats. When the plane took off, I was so scared because it made a very dangerous sound (from the fans) and it was shaking.

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Thailand_August 20-27.2016 (P.2)_GOLDEN TRIANGLE

24 August  GOLDEN TRIANGLE – Photos in Golden Triangle

  • 7:00am: We wandered around the border area to observe the life of Burmese. They, every morning, come to the border of Thai to work. Many of them with a passport on hands go through the immigration gate.
  • 7:30am: We had breakfast at the hotel. Two waitresses are Burmese. I had a bowl of soup and fried rice with egg. My partner had some Chinese food.

As other places in Thai, Mae Sai starts a day a little bit late. 7:00am is so early. Everyone is preparing or opening their shops or stores. Unlike Vietnam, we start to work at 7:00am. I wonder why we work so hard but we are still in a third-world country. As usual, we enjoyed some coffee before moving to the next destination.

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