HUẾ (Jan 2018)

Lần thứ ba ra Huế vẫn luôn cảm giác mới lạ như lần đầu. Vẫn chưa thể nhớ hết đường, chưa thăm hết các địa điểm lịch sử, chưa ăn hết các món đặc sản. Dĩ nhiên là vẫn phải ghé Bánh bèo (Hàng Me Mẹ), Cơm hến và chè bắp (17, Hàn Mặc Tử,... Continue Reading →



When you say peace, you will see peace, when you say harmony, you will see a united world, when you say happiness, and you will see smiles. “Don’t think of an elephant” is a title of a famous book by Professor George Lakoff. What will you think about after reading the title above? Yes, that... Continue Reading →

U Bein Bridge – Mandalay, Burma

The longest and oldest teakwood bridge is located in Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar. The 1.2 km bridge was built in 1857 by the local Mayor - U Bein (then, the bridge was named after the Mayor) when the capital of Ava Kingdom moved from nearby Amarapura to Mandalay. The bridge is crossing... Continue Reading →

Burma August 2017

30 July, 2017 10:30 am (local time - Myanmar is later than Vietnam 30 minutes) - We arrived Yangon where used to be the capital of Burma until 2008. It was raining outside. My friend said this time is rainy season here. Although hotel booking was done and we also received response from the hotel,... Continue Reading →

I’m living with angles

It is the fifth week since I've worked at iSchool Tra Vinh and I loveeeeee itt !!!!! Everyday, I meet at least 30 angles who are wandering on earth and having some fun here. The kids are so lovely and innocent. I cannot tell how much I love them, but for me these days are... Continue Reading →

What are you contributing to?

There was a carpenter who were looking for a job at JUNGLE furniture factory. After a trial period at work, he officially became a worker there. His daily work was sculpturing. He created various small sculptures such as flowers, birds, dragons, phoenixes, etc. for decorations on furniture. Thanks to his long-term experience, good skillfulness and... Continue Reading →

Good Motivation

After watching the live stream of  meeting between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and students from Emory University, India, I extremely appreciated and strongly agreed with one of many points he showed the students. That is Good Motivation. His Holiness the Dalai Lama met students from Emory University, India on 29 May, 2017 One of... Continue Reading →

A golden fish and the vast ocean

Imagine a Golden Fish who could live in an ocean. It does not make sense, but just imagine...Here is the story: There was a small Golden Fish who was sick of staying in an aquarium. In spite of being very well taken care with aqua-feed, fresh water, oxygen and a beautiful fake sea landscape, he... Continue Reading →

Giờ, muốn có được một khối óc sáng suốt, ta phải làm thế nào? Có thể trông cậy nơi giáo dục ở nhà trường được không? Chắc chắn là không thể hoàn toàn trông cậy nơi đó được. Có nhiều duyên cớ mà có lẽ duyên cớ này là quan trọng nhất: Chương trình ở... Continue Reading →

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